Saturday JAM Session (10/22)

jam session (noun)
1. a meeting of a group of musicians, especially jazz musicians, to play for their own enjoyment.

JAM session (noun)

  1. a gathering of blog posts, especially about marketing and social media, for the benefit of lawyers and businesses.


7 quick ways to turn your LinkedIn profile into a social media workhorse (Copyblogger)

  • Our favorite tip: spell check your profile content!

Why you must suck it up and create your Facebook page today (Author Marketing Experts)

  • Did you know?: Your Facebook page is so SEO friendly it could outrank your website (unless you’ve invested time and money into SEO)

Flex time can make your staff more productive (Small Business Trends)

  • Argument to present to the boss: Flex time = happier employees = more productivity = more successful company. This has our vote!

Six ways to measure your social media results (Social Media Explorer)

  • The breakdown of a social media plan: strategy, metrics, organization, technology.

‘Gamification’ is everywhere, but what is it? (Social Media Today)

  • Bottom line: game-like apps (think points, levels, challenges, badges) increase user engagement

Why content for SEO? (Infographic, Brafton News)

  • Remember: regularly updated, keyworded content (think articles, blog posts, whitepapers) is Panda food (i.e. the Google search gods will be pleased)

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